A temporary resident visa (TRV), is required to stay in Canada on a temporary basis for reasons such as studying, working, tourism, business, or family visit. TRV is not required from all countries however, Citizens of Turkey must obtain a temporary resident visa to visit Canada.

Single Entry Temporary Resident Visa

The single-entry visa allows the foreign national to enter Canada only once during the visa’s period of validity. The Canadian Border Service Agency (CBSA) Officer verifies if foreign national meets the eligibility visa requirements and approves the visa at point of entry. At this point the CBSA Officer may place a stamp on visitor’s passport that shows the period of validity, provide visitor with a visitor document, or do both. If the CBSA officer does not stamp on the passport, the visitor then receives a 6-month visitor status at the time of entry.

Multi-Entry Visa

It is preferred by individuals, who visits Canada frequently. Multi entry visa allows the holder to seek entry to Canada as often as desired and allows the holder to temporarily reside in Canada up to 6 months at a single entry. Multi entry visa has a maximum validity date of up to 10 years or one month before the expiry date on the travel document (whichever is first). For this reason, if the travel document is about to expire, it is ideal to renew the travel document before applying for a multi-entry visa.
Super Visa (Parents and Grandparents)
It is a multi entry temporary resident visa created for parent and grandparents to visit their Canadian citizen or permanent resident children living in Canada. The validity period of super visa is 10 years, and it allo
For a successful Canadian visa application, the applicant must provide a satisfactory purpose of visit, strong ties to countries of residency and citizenship (for both countries in the case of which applicant lives in a country different that her/his citizenship), and documents that prove the applicant will return to her/his country of origin after visiting Canada. Furthermore, applicant must prove that s/he can pay for her/his expenses for the entire duration of visit.