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Before You Arrive in Canada
Your First Two Weeks in Canada
Settlement Services for Newcomers to Canada
Language training options for newcomers to Canada
Integration (Becoming Canadian)
Diversity is Canada’s Strength – art and culture series: Giorgia Fumanti
Canada’s Continuing Story of Immigration – The Next Chapter
Building my life in French in Canada
Francophone immigration in Canada: Communities outside Quebec
The benefits of speaking French or being bilingual
Language Training for Canada
Education in Canada: an overview of the primary and secondary school system
Understanding the Canadian Language Benchmarks
Canadian Language Benchmarks Online Self-Assessment
International Students - Study, work and stay in Canada
Building opportunities for future Canadian engineers
Launch your business in Canada, A visit to Virtro Entertainment
What you need to know about the Citizenship test
Welcome home to Canada – Celebrate being Canadian
Welcome to Canada: Finding a home
Renting a home ENGLISH
Buying a home ENGLISH
New to Canada? Learn about taxes
A step-by-step look at Biometrics