Service Delivery


  • For an online assessment, you have the options of submitting How Can I Come to Canada? or for a phone consultation you can book a 30’ appointment through Let’s Chat About Investing your Future in Canada
  • If you would like to reach out for a different subject, or if you are unsure on how to reach us, simply send your message through Get in Touch with RCIC Ebru Albay, and you will be directed for the appropriate service based on your needs.
  • As part of your assessment, if you meet the eligibility requirements to apply for a suitable temporary or permanent residency program to Canada, we will quote a price for representing you in your application to IRCC.
  • At this stage, we will also provide a risk assessment, as well as steps that can be taken and possible appeals if your application is refused.
  • If you are not (yet) eligible to apply for any temporary or permanent residency programs to Canada, we will provide feedback on possible ways in which for meeting the eligibility requirements


  • If you would like to proceed with applying to the temporary or permanent residency program that you are eligible for, first you can retain RCIC Ebru Albay as your Authorized Representative by mutually signing the retainer agreement.
  • This step involves framing the legal aspects of our business by both parties (you the “Client” and “RCIC”) mutually signing the Retainer Agreement, and upfront payment of the representative fees.
  • Giving a consent to the RCIC for representation, by mutually signing the IRCC’s “Use of a Representative” form.


  • Sending applicant a customized checklist for collecting the required documents based on the program, and applicant’s qualifications.
  • Directing you for collection of mandatory and supporting documents and providing constant feedback.
  • Starting your application in the related Authorized Representative Portal.
  • Filling out the required forms and correcting inconsistencies and completing missing information by constantly cross referencing your information with the collected documents.
  • Reviewing, resizing, and uploading mandatory and supporting documents to portal.
  • Authorized Representative’s submission letter will be uploaded to portal as part of the supporting documents.
  • Applicant will be directed and provided feedback on writing a letter of intention.
  • Once all required and supportive documents and forms are uploaded to the related Authorized Representative Portal, and your application will be submited to the corresponding immigration department of IRCC.
  • IRCC will send the Confirmation of Submission through the portal which will be then sent to the applicant.
  • Maintaining communication with IRCC or the related immigration department on behalf of the applicant.
  • If requested by IRCC or the related immigration department, additional documents will be added to your application.
  • Following up on your application and informing you about process and updates until a final decision is made.